I am like a freight train when I work on a project.  It is hard to get started, hard to stop and even harder to get started again once I do stop.

The building of the cabinet doors was one such project.  The train was progressing.  I was eager to finish.  Then came Thanksgiving.  I had to stop before the projects completion.  Of course, it would only be for two days.  The day after Thanksgiving, I would be back at it in full force, or so I thought.  That day, an elderly relative fell and suddenly had to go into assisted living.  We spent the next several days getting her moved and dealing with all of her stuff.  I also had a heavy load of work at my shop.  The heavily, laden freight train was stopped at the bottom of a hill.  I was at a low point wondering if Snail's Pace Challenge could be resurrected.

After about four weeks of reluctant neglect, everything changed with one seemingly insignificant incident.  My nine year old son asked me for a stamp to send in a form for a drawing to win a Lego video game.  I told him no because the chances of winning are so small and I do not want him spending time on it if he did win.  Then I got an idea.  Every tenth item completed on our master list, we do something special.  It old my son that I would send in his form if we get our 30th check before the offer expires on Feb. 14.  I have never seen a child so enthusiastic about getting work done.  We have nine checks to go before we get to 30, so we chose to finish the cabinet doors which counts for the ten checks.

Every day this week, he woke me up to get some work done before I went to work.  It is Saturday morning and we hope to get a lot of work done today. 

Time to get busy!!!



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