If you have ever tried to build or fix up something, you probably know that things never, ever, ever go as planned or expected.  Our first challenge was definitely an exception! 

Originally, our kitchen cabinet challenge was supposed to be completed by Monday, October 21, 2013. But shortly have beginning the challenge, sickness ensued our family and work came to, well, literally, a snail's pace.  Monday came and went and very little cabinet work had been done.  We didn't complete our challenge in time so it was time for the public humiliation challenge.

Yesterday afternoon, Art put the sign out in front of our house saying, "Honk to encourage me to finish my cabinets".  The sign was not out long before we heard our first encouraging honk.  As the daylight grew dim, we heard a few more honks, each time bringing a smile to Art's face and pure glee from my children, happily announcing that someone else had just honked!

Today, Art spent the morning home trying to get the cabinets at least glued together so I can put my dining room back together again.  He got most of the cabinet together, but as he glued and clamped, everything shrunk a tiny little bit making the largest board not to fit.  That entailed him having to chisel and cut here and there, attempting to get the board to fit.   

The good news is that he has almost completed the fitting of that last board.  Then it's time to screw everything together and then finally hanging them on the wall.  

Things have not gone as smoothly as I would have liked, but at least there is some progress and soon I should have my cabinets up.  After living like this for almost 4 years, I'm not sure that I will know what to do with all the extra space!!!



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