Today, we are beginning the newest Snail's Pace Challenge.  

Drum roll please...........................................................

The challenge is to assemble and hang the next set of kitchen cabinets over the sink.  The challenge starts today, October 15, 2013 and ends on Monday, October 21, 2013. 

On Tuesday, October 22, 2013, my husband will put out a sign in front of our house on our busy street saying, "Honk to encourage me to finish my cabinets". It will remain up until the project is completed.


The breakfast area
Looking into our old kitchen from the original breakfast area


Art built and hung these cabinets in the fall of 2012. They do not have doors yet.
This area over the sink does not have any cabinets yet.
In January 2010, both Art and I decided that we wanted to remodel our kitchen.  This was not just simple cabinet refacing. This was full fledged gutting and remodeling.  We hired a contractor friend for 2 weeks to help us get as far as we could.  Since this was a 100+ year old home, we naturally ran into unexpected problems with plumbing and electrical.  It set us back several days. The end result was our contractor leaving us with a barely functional kitchen and bathroom with nothing but studs for walls.  We were on our own.  The day after our contractor left, I came down with shingles and was pretty well out of commission for several weeks.

With the help from friends at church, we were able to wallboard, tile and paint a good section of the kitchen and back section but that alone took months.  Then in April 2010, my 92 year old great aunt who fell and broke her hip, moved in with us for 4 weeks. The summer came and went, and in October of 2010, we received the news that we were expecting our 4th child. The pregnancy was rough and full of sickness. Art had the kids many days and pretty much all work on the kitchen came to a screeching halt.  Fast forward to present day, we have 5 kids and one of them being only 3 months old.  I have only one set of cabinets, but I want to finally finish my kitchen.  

Art has finished the entire cabinet making for the upper cabinet over the sink. My dad has done all of the finishing of them.  The only part left is to make the screw holes, glue the tenons, assemble everything and then hang them on the wall.  
This may look like a pile of lincoln logs, but this is my new kitchen cabinet!

Pictures of Kitchen Remodel - January 2010



07/12/2017 8:47pm

I love it!

07/13/2017 2:32am

It might be a hard challenge for some, but we both know it's a fun thing to do! Personally, I enjoy all tasks given to me especially if it's kitchen-related stuff. But I admit, this one is kind of complicated one. There's a manpower and knowledge required for you to finish the job with a flying color. Looking at the photos, I can proudly that you did the right job!

09/15/2017 4:08pm

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