Written by Art:

The gauntlet has been thrown down! My wife wanted three things accomplished before we host our Thanksgiving dinner.

1. Fix the dishwasher
2. Paint the backs of the stairs going up to our 2nd floor
3. Install a front storm door.

Project numbers one and two are already done and I am eager to finish number three.  Yesterday, I started working on the storm door which needed to be scraped, painted and installed.

So, you may be asking yourself, "Why has the gauntlet been thrown down"?  I mentioned that in addition to those three projects, I could also have the eleven cabinet doors finished and installed, all before Thanksgiving.  My wife was incredulous along with most of my children. The only exception was my five year old son who loves to help me work.

Today is November 6.  Thanksgiving is only twenty-two days away. Can I do it? Take the survey! But remember, I am determined and the world is watching, eagerly waiting for me and cheering me on.  Well...they probably aren't, but I will proceed as though they are.  

As for the "Public Humiliation", I think not accomplishing it will be humiliation enough!


I think there should be public humiliation. Maybe the kids could choose a song with really stupid hand motions for Art to sing for the Thanksgiving guests if he doesn't make it. Or he could wear one of Janelle's dresses for Thanksgiving dinner if he doesn't make it. THAT would light a fire under him.

Peggy Carpenito
11/07/2013 7:53am

What exactly needs to be done with the cabinet doors? This will determine my vote :)

Leslie Charbonneau
11/07/2013 1:54pm

The question is ---- can dad get them stained and polyurethaned by then .


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