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I came across this word years ago while playing Scrabble with my sister.  Throughout the years, I have had many opportunities to use it.  The latest was in reference to the set of eight foot, preformed concrete stairs that was under the porch that we pulled down.  The question was: how do we get rid of them?  An ad on Craigslist garnered no interest for $50. A second ad on the Craigslist in the free section had several interested parties. However, none was able or willing to get it.  The problem was it would need to be moved by hand about 200 feet to the driveway where it could be loaded onto a trailer.

Shortly before I was planning on taking a sledge hammer to it, I tried one last ad.  This time, someone came with two other men and a large trailer.  The four of us dislodged it from its resting place, rotated it ninety degrees, and then they promptly gave up.  Obviously, I was going to have to do it myself with a little help from my children and neighbor.

The secret to moving a large object is to just move it one inch.  If you succeed, move it another inch.  After twenty feet, two dollies succumbed to the weight.  The kids helped me build two more with heavier casters.  Those, along with a super heavy duty hand truck were all the wheels we needed.  The dollies needed to constantly be re-positioned along with the plywood on which they were rolling.  We used a jack and some 4x6 lumber to pry it up for re-positioning.  A hand winch worked well to pull it along the way.  We hooked it to a series of trees along the path.  After we got it to a cement walkway, our neighbor was able to hook it up to his tractor and he pulled it the last 100 feet very quickly.  Now that it was the by the side of the road, the price went from free to $50.  The next day, it sold.  Someone came with a front end loader, placed it on a trailer, and drove away.

Various tools and equipment used



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