Today, my parents stopped by in the morning to say "hi".  They were not even at the house five minutes, when my 9-year old son says something like "yuck" and then I turn around to find him wiping his bare foot on my entry rug, leaving a large white spot on the rug AND on the wood floor next to the rug.  Turns out that he just stepped in a pile of paint.  I start hunting for the paint and lo and behold, my husband spilled a nice pile of paint on the rubber rug going down to the basement.  My Dad took the rug outside to hose it off and I went to work on the paint on the rug.  Ten minutes later, all the paint was picked up and everything was good again.  My Dad commented and said, "There's never a dull moment around here, is there!"

Fast forward to tonight.  My husband picked up a can of paint and set it on the stairs so he can start working on painting the backs of them.  Before he starts to paint, we both enjoy a lovely piece of wild berry pie and discuss what is next on the agenda.  We clean up the dishes and he heads over to the stairs to start painting.  He picks up the can of paint and what happens next but paint goes flying across the entryway room and over the rug that I had just cleaned earlier this morning!  The paint can had rusted away on the bottom and there was a small hole, leaking paint.  We had purchased the paint back in May of 2008 and the can was 3/4 full.  But we had stored it in our basement which tends to get very damp in the summer.  Apparently, the moisture just rusted the can right through.  So now my husband is going to need to go through all the cans of paint in the basement to make sure that none of them have any holes in them.  Just add the project to the list!


05/29/2016 12:01am

My Dad took the rug outside to hose it off and I went to work on the paint on the rug. Ten minutes later

07/21/2017 3:27am

I have a lot of projects to add! I just with a time on all that!

08/11/2017 8:54am

No matter how much we don't want such thing to happen, major and minor accidents can happen anytime, that's why we need to prepare for it. Though we are not anticipating it to happen, I think it is a good thing that we allot some spaces for such matter because preparation would always be a good things. It's unfortunate that your husband has to be in that little accident. But on a lighter note, I know he had learned from it!


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