If you want to get a lot of work done, you need to get the kids enthusiastic about the work.  Art was determined to get the porch torn down on Thursday.  Also, he knew that all of the residual mess needed to be dealt with .  There were boards and trash strewn all over the back yard.

After a long day of pulling nails, moving wood, and countless other tasks, the kids, who had performed very well, were about at the end.  The last task was to pick up the loose nails and scraps of shingles and other trash.  Things were not going too well for the first few minutes.  Then Art got on the ground on his hands and knees with a boy on either side.  It was a boring, endless job a minute earlier.  Now they were having a great time as soldiers crawling around in search of the enemy (trash).   The nails were terrorists that needed to be captured.  The job was done quickly.  The soldiers had accomplished their mission.

Today, the kids and Art finished up pulling off the last little bit of vinyl siding that had been forgotten the day before. And we are still trying to find a new home for the precast cement stairs through Craigslist.

As for tomorrow, we are not planning on accomplishing too much since Art's family is driving in for the weekend. Tomorrow is Art's birthday and the day is planned full of activities. But hopefully on Monday, we can start back at it and get that clapboard siding up.



06/03/2017 1:37am

Instead of letting our children stay inside our homes playing video games or different smart phones applications, let's expose them to recreational activities where they can learn many things such as creativity and intelligence. I love the challenge you've given to these children.I know they felt very challenged with those tasks! That how children should spend their summer season!


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