Today, we spent part of the day scraping the existing clapboard siding and trying to get it ready to be primed and then painted.  We still need to finish filling in any existing holes in the siding. But comparing that to all the other jobs that we needed to do, this seems like a small task. 

Yesterday, Art went and purchased the wood from Friend's Lumber in Schenectady, so he could start making the storm window.  Since the weather has been so nice though, we're putting the window making on the back burner to do for a rainy day.

Next week, September 30-October 5, 2013, will have the following goals:
  • Finishing filling any holes in the siding
  • Prime
  • Paint the side of the house
We're also trying to get rid of the precast cement stairs that the porch was sitting on. However, we haven't had a whole lot of success on Craigslist with that.



01/03/2017 8:43am

I hope you will share the final result here. I would like to check it out.

02/18/2017 7:50am

The photos looks so cute! What I see is a happy father-daughter and their bonding says it all, they've had a fun time scraping! The house looks a bit old that's why there's a need for repainting the house, specially the outside part! For me, I think the perfect color for this one is an ocean blue, I think it fits a lot to your personalities. Well, I would love to see the final look of this one! Please keep us updated!

04/19/2017 1:10pm

So, this challenge is finished now? Can I see the final result somehow?

05/26/2017 1:24am

Thank you for updating us about your project I am sure your readers wants to know the whole process. I can see that you have a lovely assistant that help you do the job faster. The scraping is needed to be done in order to have a smooth surface to paint on. Looking forward to what you guys are going to do next week and the results once the process is all done. May you find a way to get rid of the precast cement stairs.


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